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Australian Website Management Services – Helping Australians build, manage and maintain websites for over 10yrs. It’s no surprise our clients have something nice to say.
4.875 out of 5 from 4 reviews.



Paul R.




5.0 star rating



I have been a long time client of 21 Designs, for around 9 years. The relationship began as I was an entrepreneur entering the online world, very green around the gills, and shocked at prices some company’s where quoting when I called around.

Meeting with Andy from 21 Designs brought some reality to the situation. I have since used Andy for my website hosting, a number of website builds, logo design, digital prints, general advice and troubleshooting. I am confident in the advice he provides, and trust that i am getting clear information without getting led up the garden path so to speak.

I highly recommend 21 Designs to anyone who is considering their services, and am happy to verify this by phone anytime on 0413 097 174.






Tim R.




5.0 star rating



The assistance and advice I have received from Andy at 21 Designs has been invaluable in helping me to build my own website and get it operating. At first I tried to use two of the “free” US based website builders but I “hit the wall” trying to incorporate Australian commerce options and get support when I needed it.

Contacting 21 Designs was the best thing I could have done. Andy offered me a range of options which included the solution I needed. I transferred my sites hosting over to 21 Designs and since then the ongoing support has been excellent. Andy has continued to provide alternatives and advice that suit my needs and level of experience.

As a person with only mid range computer skills it gives me confidence to have locally based support from a person who is available, takes the time to understand my needs and offers me effective solutions.






Simone D.




5.0 star rating



I spent weeks getting quotes for my website, and couldn’t believe the prices some people were quoting. Ridiculous prices were made worse by the fact I had no idea what I was getting, and although it took a while, I’m forever grateful that I stumbled across Andy’s website and gave him a call.

He was the first person to ask me about my business, and not my budget and really tried to understand what I was after. Before long, we realised I didn’t need anything flashy or fancy, and we built a website together that reflects my brand and didn’t cost me a second mortgage.

His matter of fact approach to the way the website would attract customers also fascinated me, as none of the other people I had spoken to seemed to care whether my website was successful or not, instead they pestered me to “sign up” or agree to work before I even knew what I was getting.

The support I’ve received since has also been outstanding. I now host all my websites with Website Management Services as I feel they genuinely care whether or not I succeed, and I am confident that whatever situation arises, they will have an answer.

I rate them as an outstanding local business, and would encourage anyone who’s not sure about how it all works to give them a try.






Jenny P.




5.0 star rating



I have been hosting my website with Website Management Services Australia now for about 4yrs. I was referred to Andy after finding out my website had been hacked, and after getting no help from my hosting company, he promptly cleaned my site and then took over the hosting at my request.

Since then I’ve never looked back. My website hasn’t had a problem since, and whenever I have a question, they are glad to help, offering advice and assistance without hesitation.

I would recommend Website Management Services very highly for their honesty, and commitment to helping my business succeed.