Website Backup & Restore Services

There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling you get when you don’t have a website backup and you lose your data, with no way of undoing the damage.


A good website backup solution takes time and money. While their’s numerous options, testing and configuration can take weeks if not months for those with minimal experience. See how this leading industry website summarises the options and the pitfalls.

A plugin is usually the solution of choice. They consume valuable server resources however, slowing down or even crashing your site when in operation, often have bugs and fail without warning, and if you’re lucky enough to find failure before disaster strikes, the troubleshooting is simply exhausting.

They’re complex to setup & maintain, and when it comes time to restore, it’s a turkey-shoot – plus if your data is backed up onsite, nothing may help you as the backups might also be gone.

Most of us already know the importance of having redundant backups in place for our home or office, so why don’t we take the same precautions with our websites?


Backups are critical for business continuity, don’t put the fate of your business in the hands of a plugin, use the experts and get guaranteed protection.


So What Exactly Do I Get and How Does it Work?

  • We backup your website every day, beginning with a single full backup, and then incremental daily backups. This minimises load on the server, and because our service is offsite, your site’s performance is not affected while in progress.
  • We backup as many or as few files (associated with your website) to a maximum of 10Gb per site, and depending on your websites configuration, we may even backup additional data such as emails, certificates, control panel settings and more.
  • We backup all databases associated with your website, no matter how many, and use special technology to put your database into a state suitable for a “snapshot”, so high traffic sites won’t suffer from data inconsistencies while mid-transaction.
  • As long as the files and databases are connected to your website, there’s no limit to the quantity except our 10Gb cap on filesize, in fact we specialise in backing up sites with thousands of individual files and folders without impacting on site performance.
  • While our standard offering is to perform website backups daily, and we keep 30 previous backups, we provide options to increase the frequency to 2, 3 or 4 times daily, and to keep as many as 60 previous backups in our archives.
  • You can make unlimited restore requests (a fair use policy applies), whether it’s a single record or file you may have erased, or an entire site that has been damaged. We will also gladly provide this data for archival purposes.
  • Need to restore to another location? While we normally just replace the existing site, we can also publish to almost any location of your choosing (configuration of websites restored to alternate locations is not included).
  • For sites that are constantly changing, it can be useful to know what’s changed and when, especially with respect to the time of the last backup. We provide detailed reporting and alerts to notify you of modifications in summary format.


When you factor in the time to setup, execute, & test this mundane task, it makes sense to outsource something so critical, yet so technical & time consuming.

Whether it’s just yourself backing up a three page website, or a thirving business with complex CMS and shopping cart systems, we provide reliable, redundant, offsite backup services that can take snapshots of your site one to four times daily, including databases, files and anything else you require.