Website Customisations & Alterations

We customise, maintain, repair and perform ongoing updates for all types of websites. We even prioritise emergency maintenance jobs so your website stays current and in good shape.

Whether it’s a plugin you need installed, or an installation gone wrong, we’re on hand to help. We excel at finding and solving the most difficult technical problems, and our broad experience means if your diving into something new we can usually advise you on the best approach. So if you need something fixed, or simply want a few changes to your website’s design and/or functionality, we can help.


  • We’re expert coders – Frameworks, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL and more.
  • Because we host websites, we’ll know what works & what doesn’t in your situation.
  • We specialise in CMS’s and shopping carts like WordPress, OpenCart and more.
  • We’re on call for emergencies, so it won’t be days before your site is fixed.
  • We don’t charge an hour if it takes 10min. Half hour increments save you money.
  • Need advice on making something pop? Our UX & UI expertise may come in handy.
  • Worried something will go wrong? We backup all websites before we start work.
  • High traffic site, can’t afford to be down? We work offline & upload when complete.
  • We install, repair and even create plugins and extensions to suit your needs.
  • We do social media integration, data imports & exports, image management and more!

It doesn’t matter how big or small the job, we’ll gladly spend the time to discuss your project with you, and provide a working solution.


It’s easy to install the first extension you find from an online directory, but how do you know it will work? If you don’t customise websites for a living, it’s not easy to know what to look for, and even harder to fix when something goes wrong.

We’ve installed thousands of plugins, and customised hundreds of websites in our time. So when it comes to selecting an appropriate strategy for your website customisation, improvement or upgrade, you can be assured that we’ve probably been there before.

So don’t put your website in the hands of amateurs. We perform all work to the highest standard, and we speak your language, so you know we’ll understand your needs, your market, and get the job done right the first time.