New Website Designs & Custom Builds

It’s not hard to produce a new website design. You provide the branding, concept, content & the target market, we just follow your lead. But the devil’s in the detail, which is why we’re so good at what we do.

It’s not what you want that makes a good website, it’s what your visitors want. Stop thinking features, and start thinking content, form and function.

We don’t just build pretty websites, we produce website’s that convert visitors into customers, leads, and new business. That’s because a new website design is more about the little things than it is about the overall look.

If you can’t deliver your message clearly, concisely, and allow your website visitors to easily understand what you do, why you’re different, and what to do next, then you’ve lost them. It’s a fundamental concept, but one that is often overlooked by many web designers.

Web design is not about what you want

So what works? Is there a theory?

The motivation to call, buy or subscribe, is usually a series of “boxes ticked”, which in their eyes, makes you a good candidate for their business.

Designing your website around features (we’ve all seen them before) doesn’t work. You need to tick boxes, and a catchy design will help, but it’s not enough.

You need consistency (to ensure they don’t get frustrated with your website), effective delivery of your message, and a reason to act. So if those social media icons, or that slideshow doesn’t add value, ditch it. If your introduction isn’t conveying a message about your business, and why it’s special, forget it.

Your visitors will be thankful.

We’ll tell you what works, show you what doesn’t, and help you ensure your website makes sense to the people you’re trying to convey your message to. We pride ourselves on the fact that our website designs simply make sense.