Maintenance Bundles – Backups, Updates & Security

30,000+ websites are hacked every day, and everyone get’s complacent over time. If your website hasn’t been breached, it’s no longer a matter of if, but when…

“It won’t happen to me, I’m not important”. We hear it a lot, but like graffiti on a wall, hackers don’t care who you are, it’s how many they can get. While notorious website security breaches show us that even those diligent about security are struggling, it’s a problem for small business too, see how security breaches are trending lately here.

The problem is real and isn’t going away. While most think security = strong password, there’s hundreds of entry points for a hacker to compromise your website.

At Australian Website Management Services, we employ preventative measures to minimise your risk “footprint”, monitor your site in the event a breach occurs, and provide advanced recovery mechanisms to ensure we can bring your website back online in no time, in the unlikely event your defences are breached.

Hackers & spammers never sleep. More complex software & less capable users = Greater threat, so if you’re no expert, why risk your brand or business?

So What Exactly Do I Get and How Does it Work?

  • We perform daily malware scans of your website files, with pattern matching technology to find even the most stubborn hacks. We also check the most common blacklists daily, perform removals as required to maintain website reputation.
  • Real-time site monitoring using our advanced hardware & software based firewalls protects you from the most common, low-level attacks ensuring your servers resources aren’t being consumed by malicious activity.
  • We also implement a secondary firewall, at the application level. This allows us to perform a detailed analysis of the requests coming in to your site without impacting performance, ensuring we catch problems before they occur.
  • The most common type of attack is by brute force – repeated attempts to guess your administrative details. We use several techniques to ensure those making these fraudulent attempts are unable to continue doing so.
  • Firewalls and scanners are good, but they rarely help in the event of an SQL Injection attack. We provide SQLI, XSS, CSRF, Pingback & Anti-SPAM protection using advanced string filtering to keep your databases safe and secure.
  • A 28 point site audit is conducted upon commencement of your service, ensuring your site meets acceptable security standards, with website hardening used to lockdown and improve resilience against malicious activity.
  • We secure as many forms on your website as possible, including contact, signup, subscription and login forms. To increase customer satisfaction, we use Google Re-Captcha (where possible), while reducing SPAM/abuse.
  • You also get a Free SHA256, 2048 bit RSA Key SSL (given a class A rating by Qualys® SSL Labs), including free installation & configuration for your site or CMS, ensuring your customers feel safe and secure while on your website.

Website security is critical to ensure your brand and your business remains protected, why risk it when the security experts can guarantee your safety & security?

Whether it’s just a three page website, or a complex CMS or shopping cart, we can provide real-time monitoring, regular scanning, and preventative maintenance services to keep your site running smoothly, keep the nasties out and deal with any issues as they arise.